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Re: library checks are driving me crazy!

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: library checks are driving me crazy!
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 00:24:36 -0600
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aaragon wrote:
> I want the library to use the built one, not the one in the system,
> so when I hard-code the location of the library in the
> file, it compiles fine (see above).

Oh, I misunderstood the problem then.  Sorry.  I will go read your
original message again.

> Is there a way to know the priority in which the libraries are
> searched? If there is a priority list, I think that giving the flags
> should put the path that I give prior to any system files.

Using -L you can add paths ahead in priority.  This appears to be what
you are doing.  That should work.  Which means that I agree with
Brian's comment that you need to look in the config.log and determine
why the test program failed to link in the test.

If you have a built lib.a file in your project then I generally just
put that path in directly.  Something like this:

  fem_out_LDADD = libxfem.a ../SuperLU/libblas.a

But this appears to be from a different project.  You could work
around this on the configure line using something like this:

  ./configure ... LIBS="$HOME/Lib/SuperLU/libblas.a -lsuperlu_3.0 -lCGAL 
-lloki" ...

The use of -lSOMELIB and ../PATH/TO/libSOMELIB.a is mostly

But that is really just a workaround.  It would be useful to debug why
the AC_CHECK_LIB failed.  Reproducing the test that it is doing from
the config.log information should be able to explain why it is failing
for you.


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