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Inter-project building and dependency management?

From: Eric Jonas
Subject: Inter-project building and dependency management?
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 09:01:35 -0400

Hello! I have an automake/autoconf project where I have a main source
directory, project/src, with my building a noinst library


libstream_la_SOURCES = $(cc_sources) $(source_sources)
libstream_la_CXXFALGS = $(AM_CXXFLAGS)
libstream_la_LIBADD=  @top_srcdir@/src/vis/

In my unittests dir, at project/unittest, I have a which
incorporates this per some very useful help from this list: 

runner_SOURCES =  $(test_sources)
runner_LDADD = @top_srcdir@/src/

However, if I make a source change in my src directory and then run make
from my unittests directory, there are no recompiles triggered. I am
assuming this is because from unittest/'s perspective, the
included library hasn't changed. 

Is there any way of getting a more recursive detection and compilation
of dependencies, such that a make in my unittests directory would
trigger a make in my src directory if need be?


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