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Re: How to specify srcdir?

From: Matej Tyc
Subject: Re: How to specify srcdir?
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 12:32:02 +0200

Thank you for your reply,
as you can see, I have another file structure and I like it, because:
I like when the "root" of the project contains all GNU files like README,
AUTHORS, etc.,, root The src subdirectory contains
only source code of the application and people can check it out and edit in
their favourite IDE and commit changes without having to be affraid that
they will mess up some files they don't understand.
I have Makefiles in lib directory (because I like the concept that
applications are composed of library and its frontend) and bin directory,
where the compiled frontend statically linked with the "library" is going to
And I usually have a datadir and a docdir with their files.
And also a m4 directory and build-aux directory since I really want things
to be separate.
If I run ./configure from the "root", I got the output in the respective
directories along with object files.
(you can take a look to the file structure here:

I think that there should be some hints like what directory structures are
smart in the autoconf manual or somwhere else... Do you think that this
layout is smart?

But I don't really understand the "build tree" and "source tree" concept
yet. Could you give an example? Do you see something else wrong with my
approach apart from the fact that it (probably) can't support VPATH builds?

Don't you think that having things separate is also very good, when people
come to your project and they know where is what without knowing anything
about autotools?

Regarding top posting: I am really sorry if I do something wrong, but I
thought that last time, I have just quoted somebody. Could anyone explain to
me what is not good? I thought that even readers of archived mailing lists
could appreciate quoting.
Thank you,

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