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autoheader: warning: missing template: __IREG_FLOAT_RETURN__

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: autoheader: warning: missing template: __IREG_FLOAT_RETURN__
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 00:41:19 -0400
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I get this error:

autoheader: warning: missing template: __IREG_FLOAT_RETURN__
autoheader: Use AC_DEFINE([__IREG_FLOAT_RETURN__], [], [Description])

(even though it is claimed to be a warning, autoheader fails)

the AC function is:

[AC_CACHE_CHECK([whether floats are returned in integer registers],
ffcall_cv_c_float_return_ireg, [AC_TRY_RUN(GL_NOCRASH[
float x = (float)1.2;
float y = (float)1.3;
float fun () { return x*y; }
int main()
{ nocrash_init();
 {int val = (* (int (*) ()) fun) ();
  return !(val == 0x3FC7AE15 || val == 0x15AEC73F);
}}], ffcall_cv_c_float_return_ireg=yes, ffcall_cv_c_float_return_ireg=no,
dnl When cross-compiling, assume no, because that's how it comes out on
dnl most platforms with floating-point unit, including m68k-linux.
ffcall_cv_c_float_return_ireg="guessing no")
case "$ffcall_cv_c_float_return_ireg" in
  *no) ;;

putting [] around __IREG_FLOAT_RETURN__ has no effect (same error)

FFCALL_IREG_FLOAT_RETURN is invoked in without arguments,
like this:


what am I doing wrong?

Sam Steingold ( on Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy)
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