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Re: Extracting configuration info from config.status

From: Joachim Worringen
Subject: Re: Extracting configuration info from config.status
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 18:12:55 +0200
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Barry Leslie wrote:

I work on plug-ins for MySQL and building a plug-in out side of the MySQL
tree requires that you configure your build with the same compiler settings
as the MySQL build that you are targeting.

If there's such a close dependency (which I find surprising - there are C API's like for shared libraries that only depend on matching 32- or 64-bit!), the better solution would be to have a location in the MySQL source tree where you can put your plugin code (as a subdirectory, here named "barry"). Then provide an option to MySQL's configure like "--with-plugin=barry". This should then configure your plugin from the MySQL configure script, and you can build it afterwards.

Your current approach is very fragile, and I would not invest effort in it. Of course, my proposal requires changes in MySQL; but after all, it's open source...


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