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revisit: bare carriage return in status.m4 / configure

From: Steven R. Loomis
Subject: revisit: bare carriage return in status.m4 / configure
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 12:10:30 -0700
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autoconf 2.63 has worked well for our project (icu), except for an issue with a bare carriage return (hereafter '^M') in status.m4 which shows up in resulting configure scripts. The line in question is:


If I am not misreading the git repository, the current development version also has such a line.

I found and read this discussion: but, most of the later discussion seemed to be about preferring \r in the output form over ^M.

This bare CR presents a potential problem and an actual one.

1. The potential problem is that configure could become mangled when transferred across systems with different line endings or platform encodings.

2. The current actual problem is that Subversion balks at merging the 'configure' script, as having 'inconsistent line endings'. Are there any plans to change status.m4 so that a bare ^M doesn't show up in configure scripts?


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