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Disable the present-but-cannot-be-compiled header warning?

From: Jeff Squyres
Subject: Disable the present-but-cannot-be-compiled header warning?
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:26:55 -0400

Is there a way to disable the present-but-cannot-be-compiled header warning from AC_CHECK_HEADERS in AC 2.61? I don't see any mention of disabling this warning in either the "Header Present But Cannot Be Compiled" or "Generic Header Checks" sections in the 2.61 docs.

I ask because we added some AC_CHECK_HEADERS into our specifically because we know that there are systems out there that have uncompilable headers with some compilers (e.g., some kernel header files don't play nicely with non-gnu compilers in 32 bit mode).

All we want is a HAVE_<foo>_H macro (or not) -- our source code can react as appropriate (e.g., we can disable the feature that requires the <foo> header file). Specifically: we *don't* want users to report this to our mailing list every time it happens:

checking infiniband/driver.h usability... no
checking infiniband/driver.h presence... yes
configure: WARNING: infiniband/driver.h: present but cannot be compiled
configure: WARNING: infiniband/driver.h: check for missing prerequisite headers?
configure: WARNING: infiniband/driver.h: see the Autoconf documentation
configure: WARNING: infiniband/driver.h: section "Present But Cannot Be Compiled" configure: WARNING: infiniband/driver.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result configure: WARNING: infiniband/driver.h: in the future, the compiler will take precedence configure: WARNING: ## ------------------------------------------------------ ## configure: WARNING: ## Report this to ## configure: WARNING: ## ------------------------------------------------------ ##


Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems

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