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Detailed structure checks

From: Tim Post
Subject: Detailed structure checks
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:24:35 +0800


I have been looking for a macro that will allow me to test to see if a
structure exists in a header, and if it has a particular member. I'm
writing things that depend on external libraries that are still 'moving

For instance, if a library exposes struct foo { , I need to see if foo
has a member named bar.

I've been looking around for a day or two, but can't seem to locate a
generic macro that would be suitable... or I'm just flat out missing it
in the autoconf manual. This could be the case, I think I've gone a
little snow blind while looking.

I wanted to ask this list prior to trying to write one myself.

Thanks in advance for any replies :)


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