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Re: Supplying header files for AC_CHECK_FUNCS to #include?

From: skip
Subject: Re: Supplying header files for AC_CHECK_FUNCS to #include?
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 13:05:58 -0600

    >> The Python file contains a line similar to this:
    >> AC_CHECK_FUNCS(acosh asinh atanh expm1 finite isinf isnan log1p)
    >> On Solaris 10 isinf is not detected because the generated conftest.c
    >> doesn't #include <math.h>.  Is there a way to tell AC_CHECK_FUNCS
    >> to do that?

    Eric> No - the purpose of AC_CHECK_FUNCS is to check whether the linker
    Eric> can find a function by that name, independently of system headers,
    Eric> so there is no reason to include any system headers.
    Eric> The above test should be rewritten (with proper m4 quoting) as:

    Eric> AC_CHECK_FUNCS([acosh asinh atanh expm1 finite log1p])
    Eric> AC_CHECK_DECLS([isinf isnan], [], [], [[#include <math.h>]])

    Eric> then your code adjusted to check for HAVE_DECL_ISINF rather than
    Eric> HAVE_ISINF.

Thanks.  That helps a lot.  I've passed on your reference to the gnulib
isinf and isnan modules to the folks doing the heavy lifting on Python's
math code.

Skip Montanaro - address@hidden -

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