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configuring autoconf to run from a "Floating" location.

From: FroGFiSH
Subject: configuring autoconf to run from a "Floating" location.
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 12:30:07 -0800 (PST)

Hi Guys.
I need to make autoconf,automake,m4 & libtool to work form a "floating"

I mean that I need to create a tar ball which may be extracted on every
mac/linux machine. Then a script would run, after which every
time a configure script would run it would use those autotools extracted
from the tar ball.
I mean "floating" location because the obsolute path to which the tar ball
is extracted can be different on every machine (& still those tool should

What I did so far was:
1. installting those tools to a specific location using the --prefix in
their configure scripts.
2. adding them to the HEAD of the path variable.
3. manually creating a perllibdir evnironment which points to
.../share/Automake-1.... dir

Still a lot of dependecies in autoconf doesn't work. apperantly the code i'm
autoconf should recognize libtool and some other stuff.

Is there a proper way to do what I want, or a good way to work through those

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