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Re: marking a test in autotest as expected to fail

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: marking a test in autotest as expected to fail
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 05:58:43 -0700
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According to Rikki McQueary on 2/9/2009 3:20 PM:

Hello Rikki,

[note that by using "-- " as the start of your message, that your entire
mail appears as if it were your signature line, and was stripped when I
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> I have developed an autotest testsuite and within a list of tests I have
> 4 tests that are expected to fail.  I am using the following code to
> indicate the specific test that is expected to fail:
> AT_XFAIL_IF([AT_EXPR_RESPONSE_TEST_P][([test.1], ['"i,j&i<j"'],
> [test.1c]])

AT_EXPR_RESPONSE_TEST_P is not an autotest macro, which means you probably
wrote it.  If that is the case, please consider changing its name to use a
prefix of your own namespace, and leaving the AT_ namespace for official
autotest macros; that way, if autotest ever does add a macro by that name
in the future, you won't be faced with incompatible semantics.

Your quoting is imbalanced; you have more ( than ), and putting quotes
between AT_EXPR_RESPONSE_TEST_P and its arguments just looks weird.  Why
not write this as:

AT_XFAIL_IF([AT_EXPR_RESPONSE_TEST_P([test.1], ['"i,j&i<j"'], [test.1c])])

> My question is: Is this correct?  And also in the output instead of the
> test passing with an ok is there a way to signify the test failed but
> was expected to fail?

Yes, other than the quoting, that is the correct way to mark a test as
conditionally failing.  And for an example output, the m4.git repository
has an xfail'd test where the output looks like:

  9: Renamesyms collisions       expected failure (

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