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Re: Question on older version of gettext

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Question on older version of gettext
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 06:02:29 -0700
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According to Dieter Jurzitza on 2/15/2009 12:10 PM:

Hello Dieter,

> I tried your recommendation but doing this the apparently "harmless" warning 
> turned to an error.
> Following your advice I put the define into, what made the 
> warnings vanish, however, if I do not forcibly enter the string
> datarootdir = @datarootdir@
> into intl/ and po/ something goes wrong with 
> compilation. The locale - files do not end up where they ought to go, rather 
> than /usr/share/locale things end up in /locale now. Obviously the 
> datarootdir should be defined somehow and is required for compilation.

For po/, you already found that editing po/ is a
lost cause, because gettextize/autopoint regenerates it.  But have you
tried using po/Makevars instead?

For intl/, the common course of action these days is to avoid
the intl subdir altogether, and require that if the user wants gettext
support, that they have it installed independently of your package.  This
means changing your includes AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external]).

You may also have better luck asking bug-gettext for ideas, since gettext
is Bruno's domain of expertise.  But his suggestion may be to upgrade gettext.

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