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Re: using atlocal variables in autotest macros

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: using atlocal variables in autotest macros
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 06:41:43 -0700
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According to John Wohlbier on 2/25/2009 12:03 PM:

Hello John,

Sorry for a delay in replying.  And in addition to Ralf's comments,

> For example, here is my

Looks reasonable.

> But it appears that somehow regular shell commands are stripped out of the
> macros. For example, in my I have
> =================================================================
> m4_define([AT_RUN_PROGRAM],

It's a good habit to use your own namespace for your macros (and not the
AT_ namespace), in case autotest ever adds an AT_RUN_PROGRAM with
different semantics than your macro.

> [
> #run=""
> #if test -n "$DOING_MPI" ;
> #  run="mpirun -n $2"
> #fi
> AS_IF(test -n "$DOING_MPI",[run="mpirun -n $2"],[run=""])

Get in the habit of full quoting; here, you want:

AS_IF([test -n "$DOING_MPI"], [run="mpirun -n $2"], [run=])

> AT_BANNER([executing $run $1 $2])
> AT_TESTED([$1])
> AT_SETUP([$1])
> AT_CHECK([$run $1],0,[ignore],[ignore])
> ])
> executing $run test_Cell_Field 2
>   1: test_Cell_Field                                 ok
> You can see that $run is being treated as a constant, and my variables are
> not getting evaluated.

Ralf's comment about the banner being literal text holds true.  But do you
really need the banner to be a dynamic string?  It seems like in general,
the output doesn't need to say what $run expands to unless you are doing a
verbose testsuite run (with -v).  But $run is indeed expanded by AT_CHECK.

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