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Re: GNU Make -v output no longer includes "version"

From: Dave Hart
Subject: Re: GNU Make -v output no longer includes "version"
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 13:08:38 +0000

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 8:52 UTC, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Thanks for reporting this; but you have arrived at the wrong place to
> report it: while this code comes from an Autoconf macro, it doesn't
> come from Autoconf itself; presumably it's from a macro shipping with
> ntp.

Yes, it comes from the main of NTP.  Apologies for the
noise, I had incorrectly assumed it was coming from Automake or
Autoconf since it didn't make sense to me that NTP would have both the
NTP_VPATH_HACK macro in m4/ntp_vpathhack.m4 and a different snippet
also dealing with VPATH elsewhere, but we do.

Thanks for the quick response,
Dave Hart

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