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Re: Server Adjustments

From: Glus Xof
Subject: Re: Server Adjustments
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 17:14:56 +0100

2009/12/15 Alfred M. Szmidt <address@hidden>:
>   I understand.,, but what happens about /etc/init.d shell scripts (I
>   mean the ones which start, stop & restart servers) ?  Would be
>   possible to get more info about the way of manage them ?
> That is very operating system dependant, gNewSense does it one way,
> Fedora another, Ubuntu yet another way.  In general, it is a bad idea
> to install anything in $(sysconfdir), since files might have been
> modified by the system admin.
> It is always safest, and best, to leave configuration files to be
> installed manually.

Well, I understand: things like /etc/init.d shell scripts should be
decided by the system admin... Thanks to all !

But right now, I've a little problem because my server has a
configuration file. I thought that the best place to place it would be
the /etc folder... It seems that it's precisely the default value of
$(sysconfigdir), but I don't know if it's possible to my server (my
programm) knows this value from the header config.h.

Furthermore, the configuration file should be placed in
$(sysconfigdir) at the install process. So, Makefile should receive
the value of $(sysconfigdir) from the configuration process.

What should I do in my ?... Would be necessary to make
changes in my ?

What do you suggest ?



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