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Re: autoconf 2.64 warning: AC_REQUIRE: `AC_PROG_CC' was expanded before

From: Diego Saravia
Subject: Re: autoconf 2.64 warning: AC_REQUIRE: `AC_PROG_CC' was expanded before it was required
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:02:13 -0300

> Correct - you can't change AC_PROG_CC (well, you can, by patching
> autoconf, but then everyone else running unpatched autoconf can't build
> your package; or you could redefine AC_PROG_CC, but that gets hairy to
> maintain).  But you CAN change FOO, since it was FOO that had the problem
> in the first place.

I changed AC_MSG_FAILURE, --it is used by AC_PROG_CC*--, locating this:

[{ AS_MESSAGE([error: in `$ac_pwd': See `config.log' for more details: [$1]], 2)
#, [$2]);

in a m4 file under /m4 in a project

it seems that is working. is a correct way? # ok perhaps
AC_MSG:FAILURE needs to act its original way in another errors, but

* I am trying to setup a system that provides a file with all building
dependecies that the system is lacking, so I can install them in an
automatic form, and AC_PROG_CC and others stops the system giving
errors, so I am trying to change that behavior or error policy.

If fou don' t have the system, stoping configure its ok, you lacks cc,
its an error, human intervention is needed, but I you have that
system, the system installs a cc so, it is not an error, is only a
situation that the system must handle.

Is there a better way to change that error policy without setting a
flag in autoconf source?

thanks for reading this.

Diego Saravia
NO FUNCIONA->address@hidden

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