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Re: checking Mac OS X headers

From: Vincent Torri
Subject: Re: checking Mac OS X headers
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 16:34:14 +0100 (CET)

On Fri, 12 Feb 2010, Braden McDaniel wrote:

On Fri, 2010-02-12 at 11:04 +0100, Vincent Torri wrote:

I restart this thread.

So, what I would like to do is checking Mac OS X headers in an m4 macro.
If the objective C compiler is installed, no problem. If it is not, i
would like that, in the m4 macro, the test not to be done.

Why do you want the test to be conditional?

My experience is that, in general, conditional tests add complexity with
very little return.  Why not just let the test fail where the requisite
bits are missing and decide if that actually matters later in the

i think that you didn't understood the problem or i didn't explain it very well.

I *have to* use AC_LANG_PUSH([ObjectiveC]), or else mac os x systems will not detect the headers.

But, now that the macro contains AC_LANG_PUSH([ObjectiveC]), if a user launch configure and if he does not have an Objective C compiler, configure *fails*. It exits, stops, does not finish.

Vincent Torri

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