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Re: Autoupdate and AC 2.65

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Autoupdate and AC 2.65
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:05:27 -0700
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According to NightStrike on 2/24/2010 8:48 AM:
> When I ran autoupdate from 2.65 against my that I
> manually updated to 2.65, I noticed this change:
> -AC_PREREQ([2.65])
> +AC_PREREQ(2.65)
> Why would autoupdate want to remove the quoting about the version number?

Another instance of a low-priority bug that no one has spent time figuring
out how to patch.  In my opinion, given the current state of both autoscan
and autoupdate, a developer should use them for guidance, but not trust
them as final output.  In other words, a minimal patch for 2.66 (if we
don't go the route of the more complicated patch of actually fixing the
output to match good practice) would be to at least be more prominent in
the manual about the need to inspect the output of these tools for
questionable content.

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Libvirt virtualization library

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