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Re: Explanation in autoconf manual

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Explanation in autoconf manual
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 15:51:47 -0700
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[Visiting another old thread]

According to santilistas on 8/9/2009 4:31 AM:
> In chapter 3, the diagram showing files for configuring and distributing
> has a line like this:
> ---------------------------------------->
> Is this ok?

According to Ralf Wildenhues on 8/10/2009 1:32 PM:
> * Philip Herron wrote on Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 02:08:41AM CEST:
>> The pipeline is this:
>>                       *Automake                       *Autoconf
>>  -------------> -> -> Makefile
> Nope.  While automake turns *.am files into *.in files for each * listed
> in an AC_CONFIG_FILES macro in, the script that turns *.in
> files into * files is named config.status, and is generated and invoked
> by the configure script.  Confusing, eh?  ;-)

The autoconf manual already has a number of places that call out behavior
both with and without automake.  So, I think the best thing to do here is
try and expand the diagram to show that automake is optional, as well as
how it fits in when used.  Here's what I'm thinking of; any ideas for

santalistas, do you have a preferred name to be listed as in THANKS?
Right now, it only lists your email address with "santilĂ­n".

Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

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