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Re: AC_CHECK_FUNCS and gcc with -Werror

From: Steffen Dettmer
Subject: Re: AC_CHECK_FUNCS and gcc with -Werror
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 00:36:06 +0100

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Russ Allbery <address@hidden> wrote:
> warnings:
>        $(MAKE) V=0 CFLAGS='$(WARNINGS)'
>        $(MAKE) V=0 CFLAGS='$(WARNINGS)' $(check_PROGRAMS)

yes, also a nice idea :)

> The coding style standard then requires that all code compile
> with make warnings before being committed,

so the users that do not fix warnings during normal compilation
do not `forget' to run make warnings and then fix all the errors?

I would guess the users that forget to fix warnings are the same
that forget to run `make warning' :)

> This approach also lets me use gcc-specific warning flags since I know the
> developers will be using gcc, as opposed to end users who may be using a
> wide variety of other compilers.

Isn't there a generic way? Configure has some `checking whether
we are using the gcc compiler', right?
So why not adding some `checking whether we are using the MS
 (we have some if test $CC=CL.EXE check, but better would to run
 it and check the output text / version number to find out what
 it is, also to support options that have been renamed across the
 versions / years)



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