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Detecting IP_TOS (and IPPROTO_IP vs. SOL_IP)

From: Philip A. Prindeville
Subject: Detecting IP_TOS (and IPPROTO_IP vs. SOL_IP)
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 01:42:51 -0600
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Calling the sequence:

setsockopt(fd, XXXX, IP_TOS, &foo, sizeof(foo));

can be tricky.  Linux uses SOL_IP for XXXX, whereas Solaris and BSD use
IPPROTO_IP for this instead.

Not sure what MacOS or HP-UX do.

Do the newer versions of autoconf have canned code for detecting what to
use?  And if not, can someone please add it?

I just grepped the 2.65 tarball but didn't find anything in there.



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