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Issue with AS_TR_CPP, m4_cr_all and EBCDIC codeset

From: Steve Goetze
Subject: Issue with AS_TR_CPP, m4_cr_all and EBCDIC codeset
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:48:33 -0400

I'm trying to port autoconf to z/os, which uses an EBCDIC codeset.
I'm having trouble with autoconf where AC_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE is
causing a bad string to be emitted to

For example, what should be "HAVE_STRING_H" is appearing as "_____STRING_H".

I've traced the problem down to the AS_TR_CPP macro which contains a
call to m4_translit as follows:


The second argument uses m4_cr_not_symbols2 which is defined with the
m4sugar macro m4_cr_all - the complete character range from 0-255.

When tracing the call to m4_translit, I see that the second argument
(the one that uses m4_cr_not_symbols2) looks something like this:


The ... represent ranges of mostly unprintable characters.  In the
middle of the argument, the HAVE_string.h is embedded,
inappropriately.  Probably unfortunately in the EBCDIC codeset, the
characters !,$,*,) are adjacent; it appears as if the $* is being
interpolated to "HAVE_string.h".

At this point, I'm stuck - I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to
fix this, or even report it as a bug.

Thanks much,
--Steve Goetze

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