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Re: m4 and autoconf problem on mac os x

From: Vincent Torri
Subject: Re: m4 and autoconf problem on mac os x
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 23:33:59 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 2 Jun 2010, Eric Blake wrote:

On 06/02/2010 03:25 PM, Stefano Lattarini wrote:
Hello Raphael.

At Wednesday 02 June 2010, "Raphael 'kena' Poss" wrote:
m4_define([v_rev], m4_esyscmd([(svnversion . | grep -v exported || echo 0) | awk -F : 
'{printf("%s", $1);}' | tr 'A-z' ' ' | sed 's/ //g']))

you probably want to add

     | tr -d '\n'

to that command line, to remove the trailing newline.
Souldn't the printf("%s", $1) already taking care of the newline removal?

Yes, but sed adds it back in.

Not to mention that you used a non-portable extension of sed by passing
it a non-text file (Solaris sed chokes if the input does not end in

thank you to all. I'll consider all your remarks.

Vincent Torri

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