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Re: avoiding undesired macro expansion after AS_TR_CPP

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: avoiding undesired macro expansion after AS_TR_CPP
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2010 15:28:03 -0600
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On 06/03/2010 03:24 PM, Raphael 'kena' Poss wrote:
> Op 3 jun 2010, om 22:52 heeft Bruno Haible het volgende geschreven:
> I'd try 
> AM_CONDITIONAL([LIBUNISTRING_]m4_quote(AS_TR_CPP([$1])), [true])

Nope; Bruno already listed this as failed attempt #2 later in his mail.

Besides, there are very few places where using m4_quote will ever help
you, where adding extra [] in the correct location wouldn't have already
solved it in the first place.  That, and m4_quote can lose leading
whitespace (if you are willing to require newer autoconf,
m4_expand([$1]) is almost always better than m4_quote($1)).  m4_dquote,
on the other hand, is used rather frequently.

Eric Blake   address@hidden    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library

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