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From: Monty Taylor
Subject: nodist_BUILT_SOURCES?
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 10:42:13 -0700
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Hey all,

Potentially odd question...

How would I accomplish something like what's in the subject? I have a
source file that wants to be built before other files - so including it
in BUILT_SOURCES does the right thing, but I do _not_ want to have it
included in the dist tarball.

I tried removing it from BUILT_SOURCES and adding in a rule that looks like: drizzled/configmake.h

But that didn't work.

Any thoughts?

While we're at it - this whole thing is to get expanded values of
autoconf directories into a header file where I can consume them...
which because they contain nested variables
(localstatedir=${prefix}/var}) I seemingly have to do at make time. The
dist problem above could be solved if anybody knows a decent trick to
fully expand those variables at configure time... I've tried many
combinations of eval and quoting - but nothing seems to do what I'm
trying to do.


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