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Problem Autoconf2.59 vs 2.65

From: pellegrini
Subject: Problem Autoconf2.59 vs 2.65
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 12:01:30 +0200
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Hello everybody,

I found a long time ago an useful macro called AX_CHECK_HEADER that could check the occurence of a given header file into a set of target directories (a kind of generalization of AC_CHECK_HEADER). For whatever reasons,
I can not retrieve any trace of that macro on the web ...
When runnning it with AC 2.59, it used to work but now with AC 2.65 I got the following error message: error: AC_SUBST: `HAVE_${header}' is not a valid shell variable name
aclocal.m4:576: AX_CHECK_HEADER is expanded from... the top level

Here is the contents of the macro:

   eval HAVE_${header}="no"
   for dir in $2; do
       AC_CHECK_HEADER($dir/$1, [got="yes"], [got="no"])
       if test "${got}" = "yes"; then
           eval HAVE_${header}=$dir
           eval HAVE_${header}="no"

I read that AC 2.65 have introduced some unavoidable backwards uncompatibilities for sanity but when trying the solution proposed (at least the few ones I could understand ...), it still failed. Any idea ? I also got the same kind of problem with all the AZ_PYTHON_* macros.

Thanks a lot


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