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Re: Defining dependencies in Automake

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: Defining dependencies in Automake
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 11:54:02 +0700

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This is really an automake question, so you posted to the wrong list!

On 22 Jun 2010, at 22:32, Sam Silla wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have a file right now that looks like this:
> lib_LIBRARIES = foo.a
> foo_a_SOURCES = bar.F90 baz.F90
> However, bar.F90 depends on several other Fortran files (x.F90, y.F90,
> z.F90). I would like to set up Automake to rebuild bar.o if the source of
> one of these dependencies change.
> I've been reading the GNU manuals for automake/autoconf and was unable to
> find an applicable solution to this. Thanks for reading.

Remember that is just a Makefile, and that automake copies
any rules you add to into Makefile.

If bar.F90 somehow includes the contents of the other source files:

  EXTRA_SOURCES = x.F90 y.F90 z.F90

  bar.o: bar.F90 x.F90 y.F90 z.F90

Or if bar.o is made from partially linked objects (I'm not a fortran
programmer, so I don't know how the fortran compiler links):

  bar.o: x.o y.o z.o

If you have several dependencies in the form of either of the above,
you also might want to look into storing the dependencies in make

Gary V. Vaughan (address@hidden)        

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