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Re: determining 32 v. 64 bit compilatio

From: Wesley Smith
Subject: Re: determining 32 v. 64 bit compilatio
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 22:35:30 +0200

>> For 64bit builds, I need to #define x86_64 for a lib I'm using.  It
>> has nothing to do with the size of longs from my perspective, but
>> whether the binary is compiled for a 64 or 32 bit target.
> is it a binary-only library ?  if it's open source, encoding the arch in the
> name is a dumb convention that only causes misery.

I don't disagree, but let's consider this an academic exercise at this
point.  I'd actually like to know how to do this regardless of whether
it violates anyones code sensibilities.


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