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Re: m4 macro that would call AAC_INIT

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: m4 macro that would call AAC_INIT
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 10:32:33 -0600
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On 09/15/2010 10:07 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 09/15/2010 10:01 AM, Vincent Torri wrote:


Well, i already tried to do that, with always the same message: error: m4_defn: undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion the top level
autom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1
aclocal: autom4te failed with exit status: 1

A-ha. Thanks for that additional information. The problem is that any
macro defined via AC_DEFUN includes a prologue that _requires_ that
AC_INIT has already been called.

If you s/AC_DEFUN/m4_define/ in your my_init.m4 file, that should make
the difference. The whole point of AC_DEFUN is that it allows macro
dependency tracing, via things like AC_REQUIRE, but since you don't need
to do any dependencies on EFL_INIT (that is, no one should be doing
AC_REQUIRE([EFL_INIT]), it's overkill to use that. So, by using a
plain-and-simple m4_define'd macro instead of an overboard AC_DEFUN'd
macro, I think you can get further.

But note that automake's aclocal magic only works on AC_DEFUN'd macros, not m4_define'd ones. To make automake still recognize my_init.m4, you'll need at least one other AC_DEFUN'd macro in that file that gets invoked along some path in For example, see how has a dummy define gl_00GNULIB, which gnulib-tool then AC_REQUIRE's during gl_INIT.

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