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Re: Bison

From: David Fang
Subject: Re: Bison
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 13:59:13 -0500 (EST)


On 12/01/11 06:24, John Calcote wrote:
On 01/11/2011 04:31 AM, Russell Shaw wrote:
On debian, there is /usr/bin/bison, and
/usr/bin/bison.yacc just does:

   exec '/usr/bin/bison' -y "$@"

How can i get autoconf to use bison?

The problem with yacc is that you can't rename
the output files and always get:

Is there a way i can get yacc to give better output
file names like ?

Hi Russell - try the techniques listed here:

Hi J.C,
It's close to what i'm looking for, but not complete enough.
I'm not good at autoconf stuff. Why is descriptor "5" used?

ac_compile_yacc='$CC -c $CFLAGS $CPPFLAGS $ac_cv_prog_yacc_root.c >&5'

If you're using automake-1.10+, that should provide a YACC variable override: ./configure YACC=/my/yacc ...

I've attached my m4 macro for testing whether $YACC is really bison or yacc, not just relying on the program name.

automake also provides a helper script 'ylwrap' to deal with yacc/bison compilations and do some file renaming.


David Fang

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