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Re: produce *mod with fortran

From: Eve-Marie Devaliere
Subject: Re: produce *mod with fortran
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 16:57:51 -0500
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Thanks again and again Ralph...
well I am at a lost with what happened... I wasn't running autoreconf
but diligently (or badly ? :) )typing the whole set of : libtoolize,
aclocal -I m4, autoconf, automake ....
I changed the else to what you suggested, ran autoreconf and it worked
when running configure. I tried replacing by what I had before and
repeating the process and it still works... I first thought maybe my
comment in the middle of the line was responsible but apparently not....
so I am not sure what happenned but it works and I'll make sure I use
autoreconf -v from now on... :)

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