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debbugs, and a FAQ, for Autotools

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: debbugs, and a FAQ, for Autotools
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 19:12:02 +0100
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Hello everyone,

I've been advertising debbugs before, I think we should be a good
example.  So, two proposals:

1) Autoconf and Libtool should also use debbugs.

bug-automake has switched a few months ago, and I find it helpful to
avoid losing reports.  Given that we never have enough time on our
hands, it becomes more important to not lose track.

See and linked pages for details.

2) Autotools should have a FAQ document.  Not of the sort of the FAQ
chapter that answers seven random questions and that has a 1 year+
latency until it is updated, but one that answers both totally-newbie
kinds of questions that get asked over and over again, or cross-tool
bug questions like the infamous libtool echo problem (which was due to
an incompatible m4sugar change).  A document that, ideally, eventually
obsoletes many of the third-party "here's how autotools work, in quick"
kinds of pages.

See e.g., this most recent thread which made the need so clear again:

For (2) I'd suggest a wiki if we GNU the infrastructure, but something
like a new page
would certainly be good.  (And yes, I've been arguing against wikis in
the past.  I was wrong.  Sue me.)

Now, I have very little spare time on my hands.  Any volunteers on
managing such a document?  Any people interested in contributing answers
or even only questions?  I wouldn't mind handing out commit privs to any
of the regulars on these lists.

Thanks for feedback,

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