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Re: [] Adding code for fork/vfork?

From: Gilles
Subject: Re: [] Adding code for fork/vfork?
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 11:26:37 +0200

On Fri, 15 Apr 2011 18:41:41 -0400, Mike Frysinger <address@hidden>
>so change it to #ifdef

The whole point of my question was: opkg's gz_open.c contains the
following code:
if (uClinux) {
        *pid = vfork();
} else {
        *pid = fork();

IOW, it appears that it was (re)written to run on Linux kernels that
uses vfork() instead of fork() just fine.

So instead of modifying that type of _code_ manually, I'd like to
modify the 2010 Blackfin _toolchain_ so, instead of having the linker
stop dead with an error...
  LINK  opkg-cl
../libopkg/.libs/libopkg.a(libbb_la-gz_open.o): In function `gz_open':
/usr/src/opkg-read-only/libbb/gz_open.c:67: undefined reference to

... it behave like the 2009 and simply display a warning (instead of
not saying anything, like the 2007 toolchain):
  LINK  opkg-cl
../libopkg/.libs/libopkg.a(libbb_la-gz_open.o): In function `gz_open':
/usr/src/opkg-read-only/libbb/gz_open.c:67: warning: fork: this
function is not implemented on no-mmu systems

Is this possible to modify AutoConf's configure  so that it display a
warning instead of an error when it encounters the use of fork() in an
application that is known to handle it OK like the above?

Thank you.

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