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gcc compiler version

From: Martin Kalbfuß
Subject: gcc compiler version
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 13:26:50 +0200


I develop a library for the gm2 compiler. gm2 is the GNU Modula-2
compiler. They started a while ago. So the compatible gcc version is no
longer present in the repos of the distros. They decided to ship the
needed gcc compiler with gm2. If I install the gm2 package.

address@hidden:~/schwarzerkaffee/m4$ ls /opt/gm2/bin/
c++  gcc     gm2    i486-linux-gnu-c++  i486-linux-gnu-gcc-4.1.2
cpp  gccbug  gm2m   i486-linux-gnu-g++
g++  gcov    h2def  i486-linux-gnu-gcc

The directory can be a different one, when compiling from source. For
example ~/opt/bin or /usr/local/bin

There's even a version without gcc included.

The library itself is written in C/C++. So I use AC_PROC_CXX
But the examples are written in Modula-2. They need to link the created
library. And here's the problem. AC_PROC_CXX gives me the default
compiler. But gm2 isn't compatible. I need to use the correct gcc
version to compile the library. which is version 4.1 How could I search
for a gcc compiler with this version?


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