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Fortran 90: Specify 'use' statements to AC_CHECK_LIB / AC_HAVE_LIBRARY

From: Heavenly Avenger
Subject: Fortran 90: Specify 'use' statements to AC_CHECK_LIB / AC_HAVE_LIBRARY
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 15:20:03 -0300


    While using AC_CHECK_LIB, a tiny program is generated. If I say on
    It creates a
      program main
    What is enough for a simple program. The problem is, for that library, the 
specific fortran 90 commands are exported via a module only, so instead of 
having generated that three-line-long file, I would need a single additional 
line to search for the .mod file, resulting in:
      program main
      use netcdf
    Is there a way I can specify and additional line to be created to conftest 
file in autoconf? As a ‘workaround’ I could either build a custom script to 
make configtest as I need it, or check for the .MOD file existence and just try 
with the functions that work right away with –lnetcdf like ‘nf_inq_libvers’, 
but it would be nicer if there was an option to specify the ‘use’ line in the 
conftest to a AC_CHECK_LIB/AC_HAVE_LIBRARY or similar command.
    Remember, I am using FORTRAN 90.

Thanks in advance,
Fabricio Murta

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