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Re: How to enable/disable my debug code?

From: Rhys Ulerich
Subject: Re: How to enable/disable my debug code?
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 09:53:56 -0500

>> With a same set of autoconf/automake files, how to I distribute my
>> program that allows user to build it with or without debug code
>> enabled?

> Of course you can write (or find and copy) some Autoconf M4 code to
> do some or all of the above automatically depending on the presence
> of configure options like:
>  ./configure --enable-debug

Attached is a macro that provides logic similar to what was described.
Hope it helps.  The header information is wrong in that it does not
exist in that particular m4 archive-- I need to submit these changes
but haven't gotten the chance.

- Rhys

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