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Re: [autoconf] How to deal problems in current autoconf version of M4 ma

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: Re: [autoconf] How to deal problems in current autoconf version of M4 macros
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2012 01:21:59 +0900
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I'm not sure if I'm understanding the situation correctly,
but if the trouble occurs in the generation of configure,
I propose to consider an inclusion of script to
the project. You can check the version of automake/autoconf
and control the options to give aclocal, automake, autoconf,
thus, you can add /or ignore the directory including
your own fortran.m4 by changing "-I xxx" option.


Giulio Paci wrote:
> Hi to all,
>       some time ago I converted a project (
> build system from a simple Makefile to autoconf+automake.
> The project needs a fortran compiler. Unfortunately the fortran.m4 file
> shipped with autoconf 2.68 seems not to work on many current OSes (my
> own, just to give an example). After investigating a little bit I
> provided a patch for autoconf that was included in the development tree.
> Time has passed, the last autoconf release is still 2.68, users keeps
> complaining and it is difficult to setup a system that is suitable to
> create a proper configure script.
> My question is: is there any easy/clear way to include a patched
> fortran.m4 file within the project and use that version only if autoconf
> version is less than 2.69? Is there a more elegant fix to that?
> Bests,
>       Giulio.
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