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Re: Help needed to understand error message.

From: Philipp Thomas
Subject: Re: Help needed to understand error message.
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 02:02:43 +0200
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Hi Eric,

* Eric Blake (address@hidden) [20120327 00:06]:

> Running m4_esyscmd without later checking that m4_sysval was 0 is risky;
> if the 'svn info' call failed, you are blindly proceeding on with
> SVNINFO defined to garbage.

And that's, as you guessed, the culprit. As I'm working on a downloaded
tarball, there is no svn repo information so 'svn info' returns nothing. 

> My guess is that SVNINFO contains garbage, or at least no longer matches
> the regular expression being checked here, so that this line is defining
> PRJ_repo_rev to the empty string.

No svn info and all the following m4_defines using SVNINFO return nothing.
My solution was to simply hardcode all the vars depending on the svn info
using the info that svn returns for that release branch.

> For style, I'd recommend s/ifelse/m4_if/g
> Also, use spaces!  Long space-less lines are hard to read.

Yes, but I don't intend to mess much with the m4/autoconf stuff beyond this.
But thank you for helping me to understand that stuff enough to make it
work. It's really appreciated! And thanks for the tip on debugging helps,
I'll keep them in mind.


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