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Re: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS right away

From: Paul Dugas
Subject: Re: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS right away
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 14:09:32 -0400

On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 10:37 AM, Richard Ash <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-04-06 at 22:01 -0400, Paul Dugas wrote:
>> I'm trying to use the pkg-config script provided by a sub-package to
>> make appropriate additions to CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and LIBS for the parent
>> package and have discovered the actual sub-package configuration is
>> delayed until the AC_CONFIG_FILES call.  I found a 2008 post where
>> someone had run into the same issue but I didn't see a solution
>> posted.  I'm wondering if, in the intervening time, there's been any
>> progress in providing a mechanism for a sub-package to be configured
>> right away.
> I strongly suspect that was my post.
> All I can say is that my solution has been in the Audacity source
> tarballs since then, and hasn't to my knowledge been giving anyone
> grief.
> I would like a better fix though, not least one that allowed proper
> control over what arguments were passed through to the subsidiary
> configure scripts.

Yeah, that was your thread.  I'm a little surprised, as you were back
then, that this isn't something more people want to do.  I was trying
to accomplish the exact approach you were suggesting; using the
installed package if it's there then falling back to a sub-package if
it's not.  I'll take a look at your macro.  Thanks much.

Paul Dugas • Dugas Enterprises, LLC • Computer Engineer
address@hidden Black Canyon Park,
Canton GA 30114 USA

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