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Re: [FYI] {master} refactor: use modern semantics of 'open'

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: [FYI] {master} refactor: use modern semantics of 'open'
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 17:25:58 +0200


Eric Blake wrote:
>>> Alas, my perl-fu is weak enough that I'm not sure how good my
>>> unit-testing attempts would be.  But moving the files to a common
>>> repository seems doable (how about gnulib?).

I replied:
>> This could be a good "interim" solution, as I the paperwork in place for
>> Gnulib, as well as pushing rights for its repository.  Unit tests can be
>> added later, as the need arise, and/or slowly step-by-step when we feel
>> like doing so.

Eric replied:
> Would we move all .pm files, or just the .pm files that both automake
> and autoconf are sharing?  (The list of shared files is:
I'd move only the shared files as a first step, for sake of simplicity.
Once more syncing and testing infrastructure is in place, we might
decide to move other files as well (if that will be deemed to offer
some advantage).  No need to hurry or overdo, right?


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