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Re: CPPFLAGS and config.h needed by dependent projects?

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: CPPFLAGS and config.h needed by dependent projects?
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 00:20:57 -0400
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On Wednesday 31 July 2013 11:16:27 Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * On 2013 31 Jul 08:03 -0500, LRN wrote:
> > On 31.07.2013 16:17, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> > > Should we be distributing a config script, e.g. bin/xxx-config that can
> > > emit CPPFLAGS?
> > 
> > Either that, or distribute a .pc file for pkg-config (and appropriate
> > .m4 for dependent projects to use, if you don't have these already).
> I'll concur as the Hamlib project only installs the public headers, none
> of which depend on config.h, and a hamlib.pc and hamlib.m4 file.  I have
> yet to receive a request from any of our consumers to know what *FLAGS
> were used.  To be clear, the only binaries the project provide are for
> Windows and the free OS distributions build their own binaries.
> As I understand it, config.h is a snapshot of the build system at
> configure time.  After a few upgrades of the build system it may well be
> out of date and require a configure run to update it.  We've tried to
> adhere to a policy that the public API should not depend on a localized
> configuration.

at the risk of just adding noise, everything Nate has sad is correct and you 
should listen to him ;)

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