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From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: FOO_LIBS
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 07:03:03 +0100

>> Could you use a "--with" flag using AC_ARG_WITH and run AC_CHECK_LIB
>> only if the library was enabled?
> That's not the problem.
> The problem is that:
> - we think we cannot put all libraries in LIBS.  Therefore...
> - we put certain libraries in FOO_LIBS which is then not "seen" by the
>   rest of the "configure" process, so any functions that we search for
>   that could/should be found in FOO_LIBS are not found because configure
>   searches only LIBS.
> So I think I need a way to tell AC_CHECK_FUNCS that it should check LIBS
> and FOO_LIBS and any other "separated" library sets that I come up
> with.
I don't understand why you can't put all the libraries in LIBS. You said

>Originally I let configure put all of the libraries in the LIBS
variable, but I got a lot of pushback from folks with embedded systems
and similar targets where the extra libraries were taking up too much

Determing whether libraries are added to LIBS using --with flags would
fix this problem, as they could disable unwanted libraries.

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