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Re: Empty else part in AS_IF

From: Julien ÉLIE
Subject: Re: Empty else part in AS_IF
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 20:58:28 +0200
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Hi Eric

Finally, a question: what version of automake are you targetting?

In fact, I am not targetting any version of automake.
INN embeds a few m4 files provided by the rra-c-util package:

INN's building system only uses Autoconf; it does not use Automake. INN already has its legacy Makefiles (maintained by hand).

rra-c-util contains Automake macros, so importing for instance krb5.m4 from rra-c-util into INN would break the build because of an undefined AM_CONDITIONAL macro. That is why rra-c-util adds m4_ifdef([AM_CONDITIONAL], ...) in upstream so that other programs, that do not use Automake, can directly embed m4 rra-c-util files without requiring Automake.

Julien ÉLIE

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