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Autoheader2.69: mktmpdir ('ah')

From: Kevin Connor Arpe
Subject: Autoheader2.69: mktmpdir ('ah')
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 18:38:45 +0800


I encountered a strange scenario on Cygwin recently.  I was trying to
build Subversion from sources.  Their build tools smoke test for
Autoheader was failing because "autoheader --version" didn't work.

The root cause was that my TMPDIR was insane and did not exist.  I
fully admit this was my problem, but I want to make it less painful
for others in the future.  This took me a while to figure out and was
not obvious from the autoheader error message.

## -------------- ##
## Main program.  ##
## -------------- ##

mktmpdir ('ah');
switch_warning 'obsolete';

Is there a reason to call mktmpdir ('ah') before switch_warning and parse_args?

Kevin Connor ARPE

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