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Re: flex and bison in autoconf

From: Andrejs Cainikovs
Subject: Re: flex and bison in autoconf
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:37:51 +0100


> #if test x"$YACC" != x"yes"; then
> #  AC_MSG_ERROR([Please install bison before installing.])
> #fi
> if test "x$LEX" != xflex; then
>   AC_MSG_ERROR([Please install flex before installing.])
> fi


> The problem is, while running ./configure built from this file, do check
> existence of YACC (as bison, when the 3 line following AC_PROG_YACC, it
> is showing unary error), but is not exiting once error is detected. As,
> the run, it shows:
> checking for bison... no
> checking for byacc... no

Obviously, your check is wrong, YACC is never set to 'yes'. Have a
peek into autoconf manual to figure out by yourself:

Andrejs Cainikovs.

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