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fyi. EasyBuild

From: Fotis Georgatos
Subject: fyi. EasyBuild
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 02:11:04 +0100

Dear autoconfers,

As you are well aware certain autoconf versions may sometimes
require a specific orchestra of the M4-perl-automake-libtool quartet.
Such information that relates to building specific software is often scattered 
within wikis, along with download instructions, patchfiles, etc, you know the 

Theoretically, this problem is solved by packaging (say, .srpms) but reality 
has it,
sometimes you need many versions of one software (say, GCC or, autoconf for 
testing itself).
Within High Performance Computing this problem is very pronounced along with 
the need
to custom-patch software to get things going, either fast or all. HPC 
often have some variation of "environment-modules" for that (env-mod-c/tcl, 
Lmod etc)

Now, UGent started the following tool in python which has proven to be a good 
needless to say, much of the autotools business is going strong all along:
* -> 

I hope you find it useful, perhaps adding it in "Related Software" section on page.

Also, you may have interesting comments to provide, if you wander around this 

with seasonal wishes,


ps. EasyBuild is more of a build system than a ports tool, since it is not 
truly meant to be
run out of user-space and caters for wrapping around complex builds, multiple 
versions etc.

echo "sysadmin know better bash than english" | sed s/min/mins/ \
        | sed 's/better bash/bash better/' # Yelling in a CERN forum

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