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From: π
Subject: script for Acousto
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 01:09:52 +0000

Hello AutoConf community,

I’ve been attempting to get Acousto (the one and only open source 
Boundary-Element-Method acoustic simulator: to build on Mavericks 

I found that the was very difficult to comprehend, and appears to 
contain logic errors.

So I've spent the day attempting to rewrite it; I will paste my code below.  
However, I am a newcomer to autoconf, and my attempt is certainly not going to 
be optimal, definitely going to be buggy, and potentially may be fundamentally 
flawed in several places.

Code is here:

I would be very grateful if someone in the community with experience would care 
to have a look through it and point out any glaring mistakes or better ways of 
doing things.

The script specifies:
# Check for supported OS
case $host in
        AC_MSG_ERROR([$host not supported])

So it needs to run on these platforms, which may constrain the language that 
can be used.

I hope this post is not inappropriate; the aim here is to bring some robustness 
to a valuable and unique open source project.


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