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Autoconf/autotools and the Modula-2 language

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: Autoconf/autotools and the Modula-2 language
Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 12:27:31 +0100
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I'm trying to add support for Modula-2 in gnu gcc and I'm currently
writing the 'gcc-versionno/libgm2/' for the runtime
libraries.  Modula-2 has a number of runtime libraries (pim, iso, min)
and each are built using their own flags.  I see with C, C++ that the


is honoured when producing the .o from the .c sources.  It would be
really useful if the same could be done for Modula-2 when producing
the .o from .mod rules, so for example:

libmin_a_M2FLAGS = -Igm2-libs-min -I$(GM2_SRC)/gm2-libs-min


libpim_a_M2FLAGS = -Igm2-libs -I$(GM2_SRC)/gm2-libs


libiso_a_M2FLAGS = -Igm2-iso -I$(GM2_SRC)/gm2-iso.

My questions fall into two categories:

  (i)  how much work is it to implement the Modula-2 production
       of rules which use M2FLAGS in the same way as C uses CFLAGS?
       Also where is a good place to start - the C compiler or
  (ii) would it be possible to produce a m2local.m4 file which my could include to provide a temporary fix for
       Modula-2 support?  Or does language support go deeper
       than just a few macros?  Apologies for my ignorance about
       m4 in general.

I see that this was discussed sometime ago for the D language:

which I think in someway might answer (i), but it was a while ago
and I just wanted to check this is still the case,


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