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[GNU Autoconf 2.69] OSX autotools: `aclocal.m4' not being output by `aut

From: Jeffrey Sheen
Subject: [GNU Autoconf 2.69] OSX autotools: `aclocal.m4' not being output by `autom4te'
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 16:54:42 +0100

Dear lists,

I have run `testsuite' with the latest tar of Autoconf, and have many
failures reported.

Please find the output logs attached for `make check' and `make
installcheck'. The errors in both are the same according to `diff'.

If you could find the time to take a look, it'd be much appreciated.



On 20 June 2014 12:50, Jeffrey Sheen <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear autoconf list,
> I am having trouble using the GNU Autotools package under OSX Mavericks,
> and was hoping you may be able to help. If this not the correct mailing
> list, then please accept my apologies.
> When running `aclocal', the expected `aclocal.m4' is not being output, and
> subsequent `glibtoolize' and `autoconf' commands are creating unexpected
> `m4trace' output at the top of my generated `configure' script.
> I have opened a Stackoverflow question regarding this, so if I am
> addressing the correct mailing list, please would you take a look at the
> details?
> I've been bashing my head against this for weeks, and have not managed to
> find a similar issue reported with Google searching.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Jeff.

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