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./configure: Choose data file

From: fr33domlover
Subject: ./configure: Choose data file
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 14:54:37 +0300


I'm writing a C/C++ library and using the GNU build system a.k.a autotools. I'm
working on the part which generares an API reference manual in HTML format using
Doxygen. By default I pass my own CSS file to doxygen, which comes from the
source repo, but I'd like to make it easy to try and use different CSS files by
adding an option to ./configure which allows to choose a non-default one. Also,
it will be even more useful to allow choosing between my CSS and doxygen's
auto-generated default CSS.

The HTML is distributed in the tarball so by default a tarball user doesn't
need this option unless she plans to regenerate the API reference pages (which
is unlikely, I suppose), but it can be very useful to the maintainer, who will
be able to choose a CSS file coherent with other docs on the same

What would be an appropriate way to offer such an option? Preferrably it should
appear in ./configure --help, but if not there must be some other good place to
let people know it exists.

Thanks in advance!!!

-- fr33

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